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Veggie is an option!

You don't need to be a vegetarian to enjoy a veggie burger. This black bean chilli cheese burger will make you believe.

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Where was the master?

At the Bürgermeisterei (a German pun implying mastery in burger making) we had an Italian style cheese burger. Read our verdict.

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chopping herbs

Cream, relish, chutney, topping, decoration - you won't get anywhere without fresh herbs. But how to cut soft herbs like basil or parsley without mashing them up?

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image pak choi burger with feta cheese
image prawn sandwich with orange slices and fennel
image cuban pork burger with smoked ham and gerkins
image pineapple burger with ham and spring onions
image bavarian burger with grilled apple in a pretzel roll
image chicken filet sandwich with grilled pear and brie cheese
image protobello burger with harvati cheese and crispy bacon
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Hard challenge for the Bürgermeisterei: We visited them on a busy days lunch time.
Hans im Glück
Hans im Glück has a new menu. First shock, our favourite has been removed. Can the new additions keep up the standards?
Jones Diner
A real American Diner in Munich. The setting is right but are the burgers as well?

basic burger knowledge

Most of us don't get their herbs and vegetables prepared by a hand chef - unfortunately. If you know how, you can limit the time before the cooking.

100% beef

or not? What is the best meat for burgers and how to buy it?

How to buy
Making a patty. Forming, seasoning and grilling. How to get the most important ingredient right?
All recipes are created or have been submitted

The recipes on this website resemble a collection. Some are created, some have been submitted. It's likely to end up with burgers similar to some in other forums, books or restaurants. We'll happily include a reference. We have no interest in stealing anyone's burger but we want to spread the idea of quality food in a bun.